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Get Your Utility Rebate Appraisal from Energy Upgrades, Inc..

One of the nicest things about high efficiency HVAC products – aside from how well they heat and cool your home – is how much energy they can help you save. You could have heard that our energy efficient Lennox® products can help you save on your monthly energy bills, but did you know that you may also be eligible for government and utility rebates? It’s possible!

At Energy Upgrades, Inc., we offer utility rebate appraisals for the San Dimas community. We’ll do an audit of your home to figure out how much energy you’re saving and apply those results to available local or national incentive programs and rebates. ENERGY STAR® also offers rebates for a number of high efficiency products, so we’ll see if you qualify for any of those, as well. If your energy savings don’t quite qualify for local utility rebates, we’ll recommend strategies for lowering your energy consumption enough to take advantage of those programs.

Our friendly team at Energy Upgrades, Inc. wants to help you make a more efficient home. Give us a ring at 626-478-2922 to learn more about our utility rebate appraisal and other services in San Dimas, or make an appointment online today.