Wells Fargo Home Projects

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With home improvements, the >Wells Fargo Home Projects credit card may turn many of your potential customers from browsers to buyers. In fact, some of your customers will upgrade their purchases when financing options are available.

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  • Simple, fast in-home, in-store or online application and credit decisions
  • Immediate access to revolving credit line upon approval
  • Power to make home improvement purchases today instead of delaying project plans
  • Easy-to-use account management and bill payment options

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Money-managing features

  • Convenient monthly credit card payments
  • Opportunity to pay for their projects over time
  • Competitive interest rates

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Stability and service

  • Stable, reliable financial services company
  • Superior cardholder service
  • Eligible cardholders receive free access to their FICO® Credit Score using Wells Fargo Mobile®Banking, factors that affected it, and personalized Wells Fargo credit tips*
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